Lifters Journal – Jacquie

Hey everyone! My name is Jacqueline Wickens. A little background on me; I’m originally from Canada (eh) but I grew up in Spring Creek, Nevada and moved to Reno for college. I’m on track to graduate from UNR this Spring with a Bachelor’s in Nutrition with specialization in dietetics. In addition, I recently completed my USAPL club coach certification.

Now on to lifting, what we’re all here for! Powerlifting claimed me as a wee little thing and I competed for the first time at 13. At 21 years old now, I’ve been competing for about 8 years. I started as what’s referred to as a “deadlift specialist”, meaning I only competed in deadlift competitions. I accumulated a few Nevada state and world records in the WABDL federation, and honestly, I have no clue if they’re still standing. I am very proud of my lifting career so far,  but strive to reach bigger and better goals as I learn more and get stronger.
Although I’ve always trained all three, in the last couple years I’ve evolved into a full-meet lifter. I’ve been blessed with the support of amazing family and friends who I can’t thank enough. I lift out of American Iron Gym here in Reno where I’ve grown so much as a lifter thanks to the dedication and knowledge of the coaches, the wealth of support and the awesome community American Iron has.
I’m excited to share my passion with all of you, and excited to build a bigger, stronger community around such an amazing sport. Let’s do the damn thing!

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